Yogesh Kadam

DR.YOGESH KADAM , M.D. (HOM) ,Phd(HOM) is well known physician for his uncommon strength in prescribing for chronic disesase with accurate diagnosis along with proper future management , which were supposed to be incurable by other doctors . He is a hardcore follower of dr. Hanemannian principals which are assumed to be last resort in homeopathic world. He is good clinician + researcher + promoter of homeopathy.

At Miracles , we treat each and every case scientifically,holistically and with true upmost care like family members.

Homeopathic care to Precious Infants, Naughty Kids, Serious Adults and Childish Oldmen. Everybody pleased and giving blessings!!

Dr .yogesh kadam has successfully treated many patients from various strata of societies such as IT proffesssionals, medical doctors, researchers, diplomats, high profile government officers, etc. . At the same time, he is easily accessible to all patients.


Dr.Bhagyashree Kadam

DR.BHAGYASHRI Y.K. B.H.M.S.(PUNE)., P.G.(HOM) (LONDON) is young , beautiful and talented homeopath, graduated from LMF Medical College. She is the 1st person from pune who has done certification in COSMETOLOGY from GTGA (Australia) .

She herself is engage in teaching YOGA as well as EXERCISE to all patient of all age groups . DR. BHAGYASHRI developed weightloss module which is effective for natural weighloss without any nutritional loss , which can be useful for all age group people.

Her mastery over weightloss programme and cosmetology made her first choice doctor for all skin & beauty related problems such as, pimples , skin tanning, brown and black discoloration etc…

DR. YOGESH KADAM & DR.BHAGYASHRI Y.K. been working on several research projects such as sarcodosis, hairloss and diabetes and cardiac problems.. they have successfully treated many patients of DIABETES AND HEART PROBLEMS.