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Miracles Health Clinic , a homoeopathic speciality center in pune is brainchild of DR.YOGESH KADAM , M.D. (HOM) ,Phd(HOM).Apart from 7 years extensive practices in classical homoeopathy ; he is also counselor for psychological problems in many NGO and Schools .

Miracles Health Clinicis the one of its best homeopathy clinic in Pune. An exclusive Hospital, Clinic, and Clinical Research Centre that provides intensive medical care and research facilities in the area of Modern Medicine and Homeopathy. Our concentration is on curing chronic diseases and undiagnosed medical condition at an affordable cost.

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Patient Openion About Dr.Yogesh Kadam

I came to Dr Yogesh Kadam clinic for my daughter's acne problem. My daughter faced this problem as soon as she entered the adolescent stage. Her Face were full of acne. With homeopathic treatment at Dr.Kadam, her acne subsided within 6 months.