Patient Openion About Dr.Kadam

I came to Dr Yogesh Kadam clinic for my daughter's acne problem. My daughter faced this problem as soon as she entered the adolescent stage. Her Face were full of acne. With homeopathic treatment at Dr.Kadam, her acne subsided within 6 months.

Mrs.Yogita Shinde,Pune

I am Very satisfied with the progress of my hair treatment. Regular diet & different exercises recommended by Dr.Kadam have helped me a lot.Dr.Kadam helped me to analyze my hairfall & take preventive measures accordingly.Dr.Kadam has also prescribed effective medicines not only for my hair but also for other minor ailments. With my pleasant experience at Miracles Clinic.

Mr.Sandeep Chauhan,Pune

I have been taking homeopathic treatment for acne at Dr.Kadam’s for the past one year. Before I started treatment, my face was full of pimples and I would be embarrassed to be seen in public. Now after one year of treatment, I have fully recovered. My face is completely clear with my acne almost 100% gone. I wholeheartedly thank Dr Kadam’s Positive Health Clinic. It has made a huge and wonderful difference to my life.

Mr.Yogesh Nakhate,Mumbai

I was suffering from psoriasis since the year 2006. For seven years I suffered physical and mental agony due to this illness. I had tried several treatments like Allopathic, Ayurved, Homeopathy, Herbal, Naturopathy, but none helped me.
Once I started treatment under Dr.Kadam in June 2008, within one year due to his treatment, my psoriasis has been cured to a very good extent. 70 % of my Psoriasis is cured.

Mr.Sanjay Kumar,Mumbai

I have had eczema that had lasted for years, coming and going. Dr. Kadams's recommended homeopathic remedy had a powerful effect. Suddenly, it was all gone. It has come back, and I have again used the remedy and it again has given relief. We haven't yet gone for a long term solution, but that will probably be in the works.

Mr.Manish ,Pune

Dr. Yogesh Kadam has been a god-send for my daughter who was taking steroids for her psoriasis problem for many years. She is so much better now. We were asked to get in touch with Dr. Yogesh Kadam by a friend who was treated for her food allergies. We were initially rather skeptical about this treatment after reading about it on the web. But after getting to know him and his method of practice we understand and appreciate what it means to be a holistic doctor. I have been recommending him to all my friends and extended family.

Mrs.Priyanka Shinde,Pune

I was looking for alternative therapies to help me get off the strong allopathic medicines recommended by my doctors after my vocal chord surgery. I found Dr. Yogesh Kadam on the web and decided to first talk to him. He patiently explained his method of treatment and I decided to try it. The results were slow but I do not suffer from any side-effects like I used to with my allopathic medicines.

Mr.Sumit Kulkarni,Pune